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October 26, 2017

Drinking Liberally Friday

Join us tomorrow in the back room of the Piper Down for another round of Drinking Liberally!

Is it Fake News that a majority of Democrats now view President Bush favorably? We should probably talk about that.

Rep Rob Bishop wants to gut the Antiquities Act, while the National Park Service is considering a $70 entrance fee that would affect most of Utah’s national parks.

In booze news, the Utah Substance Use Advisory Council was considering a tiered approach to pending 0.05% blood alcohol law, but decided against it.… A slim majority of Utahns support the law, so it may just get implemented without further fussing.

See you tomorrow night starting at 6pm!
Laura, Jeremiah
Jason, Christian

Drinking Liberally SLC meets from 6:00-9:00 every every Friday in the back room of the Piper Down (1492 S. State Street)

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October 12, 2017

Drinking Liberally on Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, but hasn’t the whole year felt like one horrible Friday the 13th? Join us Friday as we raise good spirits in an attempt to exorcise the bad spirits this year has brought.

There’s a lot of news to discuss, from whomever missed their daycare shift in the white house, to what seems like Trump hinting at what I’m sure he sees as “cutting his losses” in Puerto Rico. Except you can’t do that Donald; you’re the president and these are your people. He said the situation represents a “total lack of accountability”. I’d say it does.

Join Laura in the back room of the PIper Down starting at 6pm!

Drinking Liberally SLC meets from 6:00-9:00 every every Friday in the back room of the Piper Down (1492 S. State Street)

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October 5, 2017

Drinking Liberally, October 6

Hello everyone!

This week we will have our regular meetup in the back room at Piper Down (1492 South, State Street) from 6:00-9:00 PM.

In The News

This week the big news was the mass murder in Las Vegas. surprisingly, the NRA has intimated it may be receptive to restrictions on some of the modifications that facilitated the horrific number of casualties. I am not going to hold my breath that any legislation will make it through Congress but it is a different kind of debate than we have had in years.

Earlier in the week Trump traveled to Puerto Rico where he managed to belittle the territory and make light of their ongoing suffering. This was after he made a habit all week of antagonizing the Mayor of San Juan via Twitter, for some inexplicable reason.

Then there was the report that Rex Tillerson had considered resigning as Secretary of State (which he has denied) and that he called Trump a moron (which he did not deny). The honeymoon might be over.

Finally, Congress has allowed CHIP funding to expire so now nine Million poor kids will lack medical coverage. This comes on the heels of the same congress passing a $700 Billion defense budget, $37 Billion more than was requested by the Trump administration. If you are keeping score, that means children’s health is secondary to the military industrial complex. Go us!

Anyway, we look forward to tomorrow’s discussions. Join your host, Jason, for a drink or two and maybe we can take bets on who will resign from the Cabinet next!

Jason, Christian, Laura, Jeremiah

Drinking Liberally SLC meets from
6:30-9:30 every every Friday in the back room of the Piper Down (1492
S. State Street).

Drinking Liberally SLC,
Liberally SLC


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