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January 18, 2018

Drinking Liberally Friday January 19th

Howdy Drinking Liberals,

Join us for our regular Friday night meetup in the back bar at Piper Down starting at 6pm. I forgot to type this up earlier and so I’m typing up while mobile on my phone so this email will be short and forgive any mistakes.

As usual we have a lot to discuss, Friday we face a potential government shutdown…again. Trump is of course top of the tabloid news with paying hush money to silence an affair with a pornstar 10+ years ago. Doctors are saying some of his physical results are false, especially his weight. He is trying to legally allow religious descrimination from doctors. We all know he’s going to do more crazy stuff by the time I type this up and you all read it.

Come down Friday night and let’s discuss the weeks events while I sip a drink or two of whatever our favorite beverage is.

See you tomorrow night,
Christian, Laura,
Jason, Jeremiah

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