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March 9, 2017

Drinking Liberally tomorrow (and not again until the 31st)

Two items before we get into things:
1. Reminder, we won’t be meeting next Friday because it’s St Patrick’s day, the busiest night of the year for Piper Down. Also the week after that, the 24th, because a party was accidentally scheduled over us that night.
2. But the Friday after that, the 31st, we’ve got guest speakers! We’ll be talking about modern journalism in the age of “fake news”. So far, we’ve got Robert Gehrke (@RobertGehrke), columnist at the Salt Lake Tribune; Benjamin Wood (@BjaminWood), reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune, and Nicole Nixon (@_Nixo), reporter for KUER FM. So a really great lineup so far.

It’s the last night of the legislative session! We’ll know tonight the extent of the damages done. Each session seems like one step forward and two steps back.

For instance, the legislature passed a bill that will drop the legal driving blood-alcohol level to 0.05, the lowest in the country. Between that, the opposition to Bears Ears, and the argument with the Outdoor Retailer convention that resulted in them deciding to move somewhere else, Utah seems openly hostile to tourism.

You can listen to a story about the liquor law changes from Nicole Nixon here

More roundups of this legislative session to come, no doubt, but I did want to point out the Robert Gehrke column about what Utah has decided to spend its money on.…

Another interesting article, about how 1 in every 4 bills pose a conflict of interest for their legislative sponsors

We can also talk about John Huntsman as Russian ambassador; or Chaffetz’s tone deaf comment about the poor foregoing a phone so they can pay for their healthcare needs.

So join Laura this Friday, March 10th, for a regular Drinking Liberally session. And then join us again on the 31st for our guest speakers!

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March 3, 2017

Drinking Liberally Meetup Reminder, March 3rd

Hello everyone,

Please join us this evening for regular Friday meetup in the back bar of Piper Down 1492 South State Street from 6:00-9:00.

Sorry for the late message. We wee trying to track down some scheduling issues before sending out the group message. First, the bad news. This time of year is the busiest for our hosts at Piper Down and the entire week surrounding St. Patrick’s Day is full of events, live music, and so on. Past experience has taught us that it is impossible to have our regular discussion oriented gathering on the holiday. Therefore we will not meetup on the 17th. Then, by unlucky coincidence, the entire backroom has already been reserved on the 24th, so we will not be able to meet there. The good news is that we are lining up guest speakers from the media for our return on the 31st. The tentative topic will be modern journalism in the age of “fake news”. So, our March schedule looks like:

March 3: Regular meetup
March 10: Regular meetup
March 17: No Meetup
March 24: No Meetup
March 31: Journalist guest speakers

In the news

I will keep this short, former AG, John Swallow was acquitted of all charges yesterday.It is too bad they lost their key witness when he refused to testify. If only they had some other evidence, say an audio recording or something, with incriminating evidence on it….…

It seems the Trump administration’s ties to Russia are becoming more and more apparent. It may be easier to ask which senior officials did not secretly meet with Russian officials.Kudos to the Russian ambassador. He just may be the hardest working individual in Washington DC.

Team Trump also plans on slashing the EPA budget by 20% while drastically increasing military spending. That should fix our air-porn problem!

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February 23, 2017

Drinking Liberally this Friday

SO, so much to talk about this Friday. I’m going to keep it local, because you can only take so much Trump. Things like:

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February 16, 2017

Drinking Liberally Friday February 17th

Hello Drinking Liberals,

Please join us for regular Friday meetup in the back bar of Piper Down 1492 s. State St starting at 6pm.

I honestly can’t keep up with all of the news this week. We had Trump take a question about antisemitism and respond with a long word salad about his electoral college numbers. We had some confirmations to Trumps cabinet along with some resignations, because you know, treason, no big deal right. Just another day in Trumps America. US intelligence leaks have claimed that multiple Trump campaign aides were in constant contact with Russian intelligence during the campaign. Rather than address these serious accusations Utah’s own Jason Chaffetz says he will instead investigate who is leaking the info rather than the actual info. Meanwhile Trump while announcing his new nomination to be labor secretary today went on a 77 minute tirade blasting the media for not being fair to him and spreading lies and being fake, and of course he again talked about his popularity. We are only 4 weeks in and it just keeps getting worse and worse and Dan Rather is saying the Trump-Russian connection could end up toppling the Watergate scandal.

So much to talk about tomorrow so come on down and have a drink or two of your favorite beverage while we discuss the weeks current events.

See you tomorrow night,
Christian, Laura
Jason, Jeremiah

Drinking Liberally SLC meets from
6:30-9:30 every every Friday in the back room of the Piper Down (1492 S. State Street).

Drinking Liberally SLC,
Reading Liberally SLC

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February 9, 2017

Drinking Liberally this Friday:Valentines for Trump

Join us this week for our regular Friday meetup at the Piper Down. Laura will be bringing supplies so we can send “Valentine messages” to the president. Like, I don’t know…

Roses are red,
The White House is white,
Is Putin your puppetmaster,
Or is it Bannon and the alt-right?

Rep Jason Chaffetz keeps popping up in my feeds and news items. Whether he’s meeting with Trump to talk about repealing the Bears Ears wilderness protection because of the “hardship it creates for Utahns” or co-sponsoring a bill to abolish the Department of Education, so his townhall tonight should be pretty interesting.

Speaking of Bears Ears, Patagonia is abstaining from the Outdoor Retailer convention as long as it’s held in Utah, and OR is shopping around for a new state. Both cite lack of respect for public lands and conservation by Utah’s leaders. Many of our politicians are saying “so what if they leave?”, but it’s a big deal because it pumps millions of dollars into our economy each time it’s here, to say nothing of the jobs it creates. If OR leaves, downtown businesses will suffer. Between decisions like this and our terrible air quality, Salt Lake won’t be in the top 10 places to live for very long.

Join Laura and Jeremiah tomorrow so we talk about all this and more while making our Valentine messages.

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February 2, 2017

Drinking Liberally Meetup Reminder,Friday February 3

Hello everyone!

Now that Sundance is behind us and there appears to be a couple of days break between organized protests, please join us in the back room at Piper Down (1492 South State Street) from 6:00-9:00 PM tomorrow, Friday February 3rd. We sure have a lot to talk about!


In what may have to become a regular feature of our email, I will try to hit the highlights of the past week’s shenanigans at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We began with the executive order blocking immigration, including refugees, from seven Muslim countries. But it isn’t a Muslim ban (Yes it is!). Subsequently, there were protests at airports around the world.

Trump managed to find a SCOTUS nominee to the right of Scalia and he revealed his choice with a surreal live prime time reality TV gimmick.

On the National Security Council, Trump demoted the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence while he promoted Steve Bannon, (yes, the Breitbart guy) or as I refer to him, his Minister of Propaganda.

A Navy SEAL and many Yemeni civilians died in what appears to be a botched raid.

And on Wednesday alone, Trump picked a fight with Iran. threatened Mexico, and insulted Australia!

On a lighter note, Arnold Swarzenegger trolls Trump pretty hard in response to Trump’s insulting comment.

There is so much more but I don’t have all night to write this!


For more local oriented news I recommend you check in with Utah Political Capitol, run by a few long-time DL members who are keeping track of everything happening during the ongoing legislative session.

Join me, Jason, tomorrow for a couple of drinks and conversation where we can try our best to unpack and work through all of the past week’s craziness!

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January 19, 2017

Drinking Liberally Friday January 20th

Drinking Liberals,

Tomorrow is the day, D-Day the Day of Dread, the day Lord Cheeto becomes the 45th president of our country (although according to him he won’t actually assume the role until Monday, after he recovers from the weekend partying). As if it wasn’t hard enough this week watching the most unqualified list of cabinet nominees try to explain how they can do the job they have no qualifications for. Tomorrow the Great Orange One will become the Commander In Chief of our armed forces.

So please come join me (Christian) this Friday night as we drown our sorrows from inauguration day and discuss the many other events from the week. We will be having our regular meetup in the back bar of Piper Down 1492 S. State St. starting at 6pm.

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January 12, 2017

Obama’s plug for Drinking Liberally

“If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the Internet, try talking with one of them in real life.” – President Obama encouraging you to go to Drinking Liberally.

How about that farewell address though? And the surprise Presidential Medal of Freedom Obama gave to Biden today? This is a rough goodbye. So come join Jeremiah and Laura tomorrow – the last Drinking Liberally under an Obama presidency – to raise a toast in farewell. There’s a LOT to talk about, and Laura will have a fun activity too.

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January 5, 2017

Drinking Liberally Meetup Reminder,Friday January 6th

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone had a good New Year. It had to be better than Mariah’s, right? Please join us tomorrow evening for our regularly scheduled gathering in the back room at Piper Down (1492 South State Street) from 6:00-9:00 PM.

One thing we may wish to talk about is Trump’s baffling behavior. This week he picked a fight with China, North Korea, and the American intelligence community. He also stuck up for Julian Assange, a man he previously said deserved to be executed.

Or we could talk about Congress’ attempt to gut the independent ethics committee on their first day back from recess…which lasted less than 24 hours before they reversed themselves.

In local news we can discuss the contentious issue of the four new homeless shelters and the immense amount of political capital the Mayor’s office and City Council is exhausting trying to navigate the issue.

So, please brave the elements and join our host Christian to hoist a couple of drinks and discuss the important topics of your choosing!


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December 29, 2016

End of 2016 Drinking Liberally

Join us tomorrow for the last Drinking Liberally of 2016!

This week we can talk about Obama’s designation of Bears Ears as a national monument, which has got Chaffetz and Bishop huffing and puffing and blowing smoke from their own ears.

In national news, there’s the escalating friction between the Obama administration and Israel’s Netanyahu. There’s Obama’s punishment of Russia for their cyber-attacks to influence the US presidential election. Russia’s response is that they’ll retaliate. Meanwhile, Trump says it’s time to “move on to bigger and better things”. And it would be a shame to not talk about the notable deaths of the week; not for the sadness of their deaths but for the inspiration these people provided. And one other positive discussion point, the promising cease-fire announced in Syria.

Of course there’s a whole YEAR to talk about, so please join us in showing 2016 the door. And toast to a better 2017!

Jason, Christian,
Jeremiah, Laura

Drinking Liberally SLC meets from 6:30-9:30 every every Friday in the back room of the Piper Down (1492 S. State Street).

Drinking Liberally SLC,
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