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June 5, 2008

Some Six Word Inspiration

The theme of our event on June 6th is Bush in Six Words.  We’ve given an example from the book “Not quite what I was planning – Six word memoirs by famous and obscure writers”, but we haven’t given you any examples of Bush in Six Words.  Well, Drinking Liberally founder Justin Krebs blogged about our party on OpenLeft today, and a bunch of people chimed in with their own 6 word memoir about the Bush administration.

So here’s some examples from the comments:

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May 12, 2008

Ladies of the house

Do you have a favorite female house member?  Well now you can vote for the hottest… Check out Elected Hotties and vote for the female house member that you think is the hottest.  Drinking Liberally hearts (<3) Jen Seelig and Christine Johnson, and knows nothing of Karen Morgan or Lorie Fowlke (except that she kind of scares us).  Of course we’re not telling you how to vote, just reminding you that it’s your civic obligation, kinda like American Idol (American Idol may be mentioned to increase page hits to our site).

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May 8, 2008

The Bush-McCain Challenge

Can you tell them apart?

Can you tell them apart?

I scored 3 out of 5 on the Bush-McCain challenge. Thanks to DL’er Sean.

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May 4, 2008

Standing Tall for Health Care Reform

I have a feeling that if more political videos were as clever as this one, people would pay a little more attention:

Care You Keep |

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May 2, 2008

greatest single blog post of all time?

Simple Answers to Simple Questions
possibly the greatest single blog post of all time.
(Add a rave about it in the comments; I did.)

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March 24, 2008

Do the test

The pedal pushers of Drinking Liberally should enjoy this one:

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January 7, 2008

The problem with U.S. consumption, made easy

Here’s an interesting little series of videos about U.S. consumption on what just might be my new favorite time-wasting website.

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December 6, 2007

If you’re reading this, chances are good you’re a nerd.

I’m a nerd, but I’m not nerdcore. I don’t play video games, I don’t read science fiction and I don’t get into Star Trek. I didn’t even start reading blogs until about 3 months ago. When we hosted Markos of DailyKos at Drinking Liberally, I understood he had a popular liberal blog, I just didn’t know how popular. About the only thing that makes me a nerd is the fact I spend so much time in front of a computer, and then of course my lack of social skills.

So what does any of this have to do with politics? Today I ran across a post on Open Left from one of Drinking Liberally’s sister groups, Laughing Liberally. Apparently, one of Laughing Liberally’s comics, Negin Farsad, is part of the Nerdcore Rising project. Here’s Negin’s video:

Watching the video, I noticed a few familiar faces – Markos, of course, but also Justin Krebs (the Drinking Liberally national founder, director, and all-around good guy), and David Dayen of (he’s the guy in the video who has his badge from last year). David is one of the hosts of the Hollywood Drinking Liberally chapter, whom I met at the DL national conference this year. I also met Mike Lux, a blogger for Open Left and former Special Assistant to President Clinton. Mike is another prominent blogger I had to sheepishly admit I didn’t know.

I’m getting closer to nerdcore every day though. Heather and I went to MC Frontalot’s show a few weeks ago. Frontalot started the whole Nerdcore Rising movement, and he puts on a hell of a show. I have to say Schaffer the Darklord stole the show though. If either of these guys ever come through Salt Lake again, and you’re a nerd, definitely check them out.

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December 1, 2007

Mike Gravel raps

I’ll have to admit I don’t know much about Gravel, but I REALLY like this clip (hat tip to Rolling Stone National Affairs daily):

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November 12, 2007

Gen. JC Christian to DL SLC: You’re screwed come judgement day

Jesus' General

Well, here I thought we were leading good lives, but Gen. JC Christian has pronounced (essentially) that we’re going to hell. And he should know; he is Jesus’ ass-kickin’ General in the battle of good vs. evil. To wit:

The apostates at Drinking Liberally in Salt Lake are in for a big surprise come judgment day. Angel Moroni gets very pissed off when someone jokes about the bottle of Korihor’s Kick-Ass Ale Joseph Smith found buried with the Golden Plates. I’m afraid somebody’s going to get a golden trumpet shoved up their ass.

We have nearly 500 “apostates” on our e-mail list, so if we’re going to hell we’ll have to show hell a hell of a good time.

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