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November 8, 2008

movies worth watching

“Wednesday November 5th, nurse your election hangover with a free film from the SLC FILM CENTER.
A perfect antidote to partisan politics:
BEYOND THE CALL- Be the Change
Westminster Film Series
Vieve Gore Auditorium 8pm.
Follow three ex soldiers who take a proactive approach to humanitarian aid and personally dispense supplies to civilians and doctors in some of the most dangerous places on earth.”
The SLCFC presents several films every month, many that we don’t get a chance to see elsewhere.
You can see their full calendar at:

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October 25, 2008

Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections

I had mentioned this at the meeting tonight.  I said I would follow up with more details, and here they are.

This film will play Saturday October 25th at 7:00 PM

This presentation will be held in room 309. All are welcome to attend; no admission will be charged. Attendees will view a new video documentary entitled “Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections,” which exposes how American voters were cheated during elections in both 2004 and 2006–and why this will likely happen again in 2008. Afterward, they can enjoy a discussion with Bruce Funk, who served as Emery County’s Clerk until he was fired for “blowing the whistle.”


This film is being presented admission free. Most likely conservative activists in Utah County.

I believe people should take this very seriously. Here you have conservatives who are not Al Gore fans , yet they are sponsoring a film stating Al Gore was cheated out of the 2004 election by vote fraud.

It wasn’t the Electoral College, and it wasn’t Ralph Nader. It was vote fraud.

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September 6, 2008

Hello From Charlotte, NC

This is our second year attending the Drinking Liberally National Conference. Last year, we were welcomed by the Des Moines, Iowa chapter and this year we are in Charlotte, North Carolina. We met Marcus, one of the Charlotte hosts, at the Des Moines event last year and found out that at one point, he lived in good old Sandy, Utah. He hated it. Oh, what a small world it is.

Last night, we spent the evening at a welcome reception in the NoDa District, an up and coming “transitional” area, meeting new hosts and reconnecting with others. The weather has been great with minimal traces of Hurricane Hanna. I was quite surprised by all the new faces who were not at last year’s meeting and now feel like Salt Lake is quite the established chapter. One of the advantages to meeting here in Charlotte is the nice location to other neighboring chapters. South Carolina has 8 chapters! Why can’t Utah get more than one? John, from the Denver chapter, was here as was Amanda, our Des Moines host from last year. There were a few others returning from last year including, of course, all the national organizers, but overall, it was nice to see so many new faces.

So far all the Charlotte hosts have been fabulous! I have been impressed by the hospitality of them, as well as all the other Charlottens (is that what they are called?). I am going to wait until tomorrow to write about the “real” DL stuff that happened today – it probably isn’t safe to write while under the influence. Let me just tell you that this conference is just as exciting as I remember from last year. The politics across the country – including Utah – are changing and it is exciting to see how Drinking Liberally can have an impact. The social connections/networking has been amazing and someday – oh yes, someday – I KNOW Utah will no longer be the reddest state in the nation

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September 3, 2008


The Salt Lake Film Center is hosting the Documentary Uncounted at the Fort Douglas Post Theater Tonight. The film starts at 7:00 PM.

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August 19, 2008

Help a blogger out – send some Utahns to the DNC

Some great local bloggers have the opportunity to attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and you can help them get there by donating liberally to the cause. This is a rare opportunity, and I’m happy to see these guys going. The paypal link is in the body of the message below, but also here.

Also, the Utah Amicus is holding a kickoff party on Wednesday, so if you’ve got ideas of what they should focus on while at the DNC, show up and let them know – and throw a little moola their way to boot.
What: The Utah Amicus DNC Bloggers Kick Off Party
When: August 20 at 7 p.m. (MDT).
Where: 7119 West 8050 South, West Jordan
Press Release:

Help Send Utah Bloggers to Denver:

Utah Democratic Party Vice-Chair Rob Miller, owner of The Utah Amicus blog, has been granted press credentials for the National Convention (Aug 23rd to 29th) as part of the DNC’s “State Blogger Press Corps.” program, and has invited several Utah bloggers to join him – including one Cache Valley/Weber County blog (The SideTrack) – in providing unique grassroots coverage of the event.

Being bloggers, we are not equipped with the fundraising network that we are often able to create for candidates and the party.  And quite simply, this trip is going to be costly (but worth it!).  Hence, we are doing a bit of fundraising through PayPal to help cover housing, event access, equipment, and transportation costs in order to bring Utah live, daily coverage from the ground as citizen journalists.

Bloggers in attendance will include:

From Cache and Weber Counties
Jason Williams (Hyrum, UT) and Craig Blanch (Ogden, UT) of The SideTrack

From Davis and Salt Lake City:
Jeff Bell of
and Rob Miller, Bob Aagard, Aaron Thompson, and Ben McAdams of The Utah Amicus
(Misty Fowler of the blog Saintless and Utah for Obama is credentialed, but as of this release unable to attend)

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August 14, 2008

UWABC Presents: The Game of Politics

Utah Womena’s Alliance for Building Community Flyer
The Utah Women’s Alliance for Building Community (UWABC)
Presents… The Game of Politics

Do legislative decisions make you feel like you are out in left field?
Do you go to county council meetings with your bases loaded only to strike out at bat?
Have you gone to a political meeting having studied the opposing team’s playbook, but never made it off the bench?

Get in the game!

Join us for our World Series Panel of State Representative David Litvack, County Mayor Peter Corroon, and Midvale City Mayor JoAnn Seghini as they answer questions on the power plays, fouls, errors, and interactions of varying government entities. Jenny Brundin, News Director of KUER, will moderate.

Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Time: 5:30-6:00 p.m. Networking, 6:00-7:15 p.m. Panel Discussion
Place: Mountain America Credit Union, 7181 South Campus View Drive
(Northwest of Jordan Landing), West Jordan, Utah
Cost: Free


Food and drink provided
Sponsored by Mountain America Credit Union

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July 17, 2008

A Soldier’s Peace

Former soldier (and former Drinking Liberally guest speaker) Marshall Thompson walked across the state of Utah to protest the war in Iraq. There were talks about a documentary being made about his journey, and now this Tuesday at 7pm it finally premieres in Salt Lake (for free at the SL Main Library).  You can visit the SLC Film Center website for more info.

A Soldier’s Peace Website

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And The Banned Played On

Heather and I have attended Plan-B’s fundraiser for the last couple years now, and we have always had a good time. This is highly recommended by us:

Plan-B Theatre Company’s annual fundraiser
is nearly sold out – get your tix now while you still can!

Monday, July 21 at 7pm
Jeanne Wagner Theatre | Rose Wagner

Featuring a whole lotta local actors and luminaries
(including the past five mayors of SLC)
presenting selections from banned plays and musicals.

Food by Cali’s Natural Foods | Cash Bar

For more information and tickets call 355-ARTS
or visit

Be sure to allow plenty of time for parking!

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April 22, 2008

MoveOn Press Conference Thursday: Iraq Occupation = US Recession

I just received this from MoveOn; sounds like an event worth attending.
Anybody who has Thursday noon free could go, and so could anyone who works downtown and can visit for lunch:
“Dear MoveOn Member,
On Thursday, we’re making major news at events in Salt Lake City and around the country. We’re unveiling a new poll showing that local voters want to stop wasting billions in Iraq, and want to help the economy by investing those resources here at home.
In Salt Lake City, we can make an even bigger splash if there’s a crowd at the press conference—ten or twelve folks to show that voters in your community care about this issue.
This event is short—likely less than 45 minutes—and all you have to do is be there. Can you come?
Host: Richard L—fellow MoveOn member
Where: Federal Building Plaza (in Salt Lake City)
When: Thursday, Apr. 24, 2008, at 12:00 PM
Here’s the link to RSVP:
These press conferences are key part of our larger “Iraq/Recession” campaign to highlight the links between the war and the struggling economy—and put heavy pressure on pro-war Republican senators who keep voting to continue this costly war.
MoveOn members have already stepped up to host events nationwide…”

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April 10, 2008

Bar In Need Of Support!!!

Bob McCarthy the owner of Stoneground Restaurant here in Salt Lake is in the process of opening a new bar in the Marmalade District (750 North 300 West).  The location of the bar is where the original “Hideout” used to be. The “Hideout” was just a tavern/beer bar. Bob is trying to change the license from a tavern to a private club. This has become a very debated issue and he is getting a lot of opposition from the local community. He is need of people who live in the Capitol Hill District to sign a petition in support ASAP. Please contact me via email at mmmerrill (at) hotmail (dot) com for petition locations.

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