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January 25, 2006

Citizen Lobby Night

Citizen Lobby Night, Jan. 25:
Last week, congressional lobbying scandals continued to engulf Washington. We learned that Jack Abramoff took in $40 million in four years from clients, and bilked Indian tribes of $20 million in the process. In the wake of Abramoff’s guilty plea, Rep. Tom Delay abandoned his former House majority leader post. And the Salt Lake Tribune reported that Envirocare, though not accused of any wrong doing, shelled out $4 million in recent years and used Abramoff’s former firm to lobby legislators in Washington.

These pay-to-play tactics are all too common in politics. We want to put your voice back in the process.

Now that the Utah legislative session has officially begun, join HEAL Utah and the Utah Rivers Council for a Citizen Lobby Night and learn how to make your voice heard without spending millions.

When: Wednesday, January 25th, 6:00-7:30pm
Where: (Note location change) We will meet in the lobby of the WEST building of the State Capitol Complex (350 North Main Street)
The lobby is at the east entrance of the building, facing the center plaza. The West building is located to the northwest of the Utah State Capitol building, which is currently under construction.

Parking will be available in the EAST parking lot or on the street. If you park in the east lot, you can get to the west building where we will meet by going through the east building and across the plaza. It sounds more confusing than it is, but a compass may help.

Dress is casual and all materials will be provided for you.

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January 19, 2006

HEAL Utah Legislative Briefing

The Utah legislative session will last until March 1st. For the next 45 days, we will be working to make sure that the expansion of radioactive waste disposal at Envirocare is kept off the table, that legislation is created to keep foreign nuclear waste from being dumped in Utah, and that environmental groups preserve their ability to bring lawsuits against harmful practices by corporations or the government.

You, our members and volunteers, are our most credible voice. If you’d like to learn more about the issues we will be working on this session and how you can get involved for the next 45 days, join us this Thursday, January 19th, at 6:00pm in our office for a Legislative Briefing.

We’re looking for people who can join us at the capitol to create a citizen presence, attend hearings throughout the session, come to rallies and press conferences, talk to their neighbors and generate calls to their legislators, or even host in-home meetings with their legislators. Whether you can do a lot or a little, your participation makes a big difference. Together, we can achieve much more than what our three-person staff can achieve on our own.

If you can’t attend the meeting, but would like to be involved throughout the session, please let me know.

The issues in a nutshell:
1) Even though Gov. Huntsman has definitively said no to Envirocare’s expansion, the company is still proceeding with its plan to double the size of its radioactive waste dump. Currently there is a resolution pending, sponsored by Rep. Jim Gowans (D-Tooele), that would approve Envirocare’s expansion. We will be working to make sure that this resolution does not pass.
2) Remember the 500 tons of uranium “ore” that was shipped from Japan and dumped at IUC in Blanding, UT? We will be working this session to create legislation that would prevent foreign nuclear waste from being dumped in Utah.
3) We will also be working to stop a bill that would make it prohibitively expensive for environmental groups to file lawsuits in the state of Utah. We need to preserve access to the judicial branch of government so that proper checks and balances remain in place.

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December 25, 2005

DL Guest Speaker: Kathy Dopp

Kathy Dopp is the President of US Count Votes, a non-profit organization dedicated to vote counts that accurately reflect voter intent. She will be speaking on electronic voting machines and independent audits. Joycelynn Straight, an expert on legislation and legal issues surrounding Utah’s voting machines, will help present.

Meeting starts at 6:00 pm, Kathy will start around 7.

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