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October 3, 2008

The VP debate

While it seems like the media is trying to tell us the VP debate was a tie, there was no doubt in the minds of the 80+ liberals at Saints and Sinners that Biden took it handily.  Sure, we gave Palin credit where it was due – after all her head didn’t explode with all the facts that Biden was throwing at her. But then she didn’t really seem to be attention to them anyway.  Same for the questions being asked of her.  

To me the debate wasn’t nearly as entertaining as I thought it would be, so it’s a good thing we had bingo cards.  Many people got bingo – I think I even heard of someone that got a blackout.  KUTV 2 showed up early in the night and interviewed Heather, Laura and I.  While they didn’t post the video, you can read the article here.  KSL 5 showed up a little later and chatted with Misty at Saintless and Sheryl with Democracy for Utah. Watch the video here.  Even the Deseret News showed up and chatted with us for a bit.

Overall it was a fun night, despite a few logistical issues. We hope everyone had a good time.  There are a few photos over in our Flickr pool.

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October 1, 2008

Are you registered?

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September 11, 2008

“Drill, baby, drill” vs reality

I’ve mentioned the Department of Energy’s Alaska report to many DL’ers, but I often forget just how much we’ll save if we were to drill for oil off the Alaskan North Slope.

In 10 years time we will shave off $0.75 per barrel of crude oil, assuming current oil prices (nearly $100.00 as of this writing).

This also assumes a number of other very optimistic conditions. This bears repeating over and over, folks.  It’s not just about keeping Alaskan habitat from being destroyed and wildlife displaced, but also about helping people understand that a vote for McCain is not a vote for saving money at the pump or making us safer. Our dependence on foreign oil can only be remedied by reducing our dependence on oil period.

Here’s the Anchorage Daily News’ take on it, if you don’t want to sift through the massive amounts of information in the link above.

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September 9, 2008

Obama entertains the RNC

Palin’s RNC speech was entertaining if nothing else.  McCain’s, not so much.  At least not without the drinks. This would have really made the night:

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September 3, 2008


The Salt Lake Film Center is hosting the Documentary Uncounted at the Fort Douglas Post Theater Tonight. The film starts at 7:00 PM.

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August 23, 2008

A nation that forgets its past…

In 2009, America will try to begin to forget George W. Bush and his legacy: A legacy of Imperial Presidency, war of aggression and torture. We, as Americans, cannot let this happen. As much as we would like to forget these past seven years, it is important we remember not only the despicable acts that were committed in our name, but the way the events were allowed to take place.

This has been a holocaust for the United States Constitution. Not to compare the loss of life and human suffering to the atrocities perpetrated under Nazi Germany, but the spirit and the letter of Our United States most sacrosanct document has been eviscerated.

From the Orwellian named Patriot Act that provisions the arbitrary suspension of the most basic of democratic principals habeas corpus, to the politicization of the Justice Department and warrantless wiretapping on its own citizens, the administration of President George W. Bush has usurped the power of the United States Government and consolidated it in the Executive Branch. It has done this (and planned to do this from its inception) with a model called the Unitary Executive (or Imperial Presidency)

This model distorts or ignores the primary function of the Constitution: the separation of powers. All the Founding Fathers (especially George Washington) were adamant in the distribution of power away from a central authority. So much so that the first documents of American Government, the Articles of Confederation, did not have a president or figure head. We were sick of King George.

In fact, Article I of the Constitution does not lay out the powers and responsibilities of the President, but of Congress. Unfortunately, the Congress of the United States decided to be the Executive’s lap dog following the crisis of September 11, 2001. By systematically calling anyone and everyone Unpatriotic and Anti-American who questioned the necessity or wisdom of any part of any action the administration wished to take, the Bush administration brushed aside all opposition to its policies.

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August 19, 2008

Help a blogger out – send some Utahns to the DNC

Some great local bloggers have the opportunity to attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and you can help them get there by donating liberally to the cause. This is a rare opportunity, and I’m happy to see these guys going. The paypal link is in the body of the message below, but also here.

Also, the Utah Amicus is holding a kickoff party on Wednesday, so if you’ve got ideas of what they should focus on while at the DNC, show up and let them know – and throw a little moola their way to boot.
What: The Utah Amicus DNC Bloggers Kick Off Party
When: August 20 at 7 p.m. (MDT).
Where: 7119 West 8050 South, West Jordan
Press Release:

Help Send Utah Bloggers to Denver:

Utah Democratic Party Vice-Chair Rob Miller, owner of The Utah Amicus blog, has been granted press credentials for the National Convention (Aug 23rd to 29th) as part of the DNC’s “State Blogger Press Corps.” program, and has invited several Utah bloggers to join him – including one Cache Valley/Weber County blog (The SideTrack) – in providing unique grassroots coverage of the event.

Being bloggers, we are not equipped with the fundraising network that we are often able to create for candidates and the party.  And quite simply, this trip is going to be costly (but worth it!).  Hence, we are doing a bit of fundraising through PayPal to help cover housing, event access, equipment, and transportation costs in order to bring Utah live, daily coverage from the ground as citizen journalists.

Bloggers in attendance will include:

From Cache and Weber Counties
Jason Williams (Hyrum, UT) and Craig Blanch (Ogden, UT) of The SideTrack

From Davis and Salt Lake City:
Jeff Bell of
and Rob Miller, Bob Aagard, Aaron Thompson, and Ben McAdams of The Utah Amicus
(Misty Fowler of the blog Saintless and Utah for Obama is credentialed, but as of this release unable to attend)

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July 27, 2008

Drinking Liberally on The Daily Show (last year)

This is pretty old, but I hadn’t seen it before. While they don’t mention Drinking Liberally by name, it’s very clearly Katrina and Justin (wearing the bottle logo shirts), a couple of our national Living Liberally leaders.

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July 9, 2008

Take my rights, please

I never posted about the FISA bill – but now I wish I had.  I guess I just thought that our leaders would make the right decision (how naive).  But they didn’t.  Today the “compromise” FISA bill passed the Senate, putting a nail in the coffin of a little thing we like the call the 4th amendment.  

I don’t know what to say here; I’m just seething.  I can only defer to other, better bloggers on this issue.

Actually, I will say I’m very disappointed in the presidential candidate I’ve heretofore supported, Barack Obama.  Some reports say he voted in favor of the bill, but the website says he didn’t vote.  Whether he voted in favor or he didn’t vote at all is not so important.  This bill was important enough that the vote should not have been missed, and voted down.  There should be NO compromise – the fourth amendment is very clear and the fact that a former law professor would have supported such a breach in a document so integral to our nation’s democracy is beyond the pale.  

As our friends in Colorado point out, it’s not a time to wallow, it’s a time to exercise what we have left of the 1st Amendment.  

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June 2, 2008

DL Salt Lake in the NY Times!

Well, it’s official.  Drinking Liberally now has a chapter in all 50 states, just in time for the 5th birthday festivities.

A chapter in all 50 states

Five years is a big milestone, and Drinking Liberally (and Living Liberally) have gotten a fair amount of media attention for it.  

Our very own chapter here in Salt Lake has even been mentioned in two national publications!

On Politico

And in the New York Times Sunday edition.  I didn’t talk to the reporter, Courtney, but Heather did and said they had a wonderful conversation.  Even though it was a brief mention in both, it’s still very cool.  We hope that you’ll join us on June 6th at our party/fundraiser for a toast to our media mentions!

Here’s the text of the NY Times article:

June 1, 2008
Every Thursday Night, Liberal Politics and Pints

On Thursday night in Hell’s Kitchen, an impassioned discussion of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s remarks about the Bobby Kennedy assassination as a reason for her staying in the presidential race took place in the backyard of Rudy’s Bar and Grill. Across the yard, Rachel Maddow, a host on Air America Radio, poured glasses of beer for a table of friends and debated Senator John McCain’s war record.

Among the regular patrons at the bar on Ninth Avenue were a few unsuspecting tourists. Dozens of people were squeezed together talking politics, drinking beer and eating free hot dogs. The conversation was cut short for an anniversary toast.

“To many more years, and many more chapters,” said Justin Krebs, 30. Mr. Krebs was one of the founders of the progressive social networking group called Drinking Liberally that has been meeting at Rudy’s every Thursday night for the past five years.

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