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July 21, 2009

Pioneer Day Party with Sister Dottie S. Dixon! – $15

This Pioneer Day, Drinking Liberally will be celebrating in true Utah style. Our party/fundraiser will feature the hilarious quintessential Utahn Sister Dottie S. Dixon (!

$15 dollars will get you in the door (or $10 if you bring a casserole for the casserole contest that ‘casserole connoisseur’ Sister Dottie will be judging), which includes potent punch, or if punch isn’t your thing we’ll have other drinks available. And we can’t forget the jello – we’ll have some little cups of jello for you to try.

There will be a haiku contest as well, so start thinking of your Utah-themed haikus. We’ll also have a great view of the fireworks at the baseball stadium.

We highly encourage you to take Trax!

What: Party/fundraiser celebrating Utah in Drinking Liberally style

Who: You and your liberal friends + Sister Dottie S. Dixon

Cost: $15 per person, or $10 per person with a casserole (entrance includes drinks)

When: July 24th at 6pm (We’re trying to beat the crowds for parking since it’s so close to the baseball stadium)

Where: Get onto 1300 South, then turn North onto West Temple. Turn East into parking lot of Associated General Contractors and continue back toward the warehouse.

Parking: Take Trax if possible, but if you’re driving there’s an adult corrections building just north of the warehouse that usually has some parking. The baseball game starts at 7:05, so if you’re driving try to get there early.

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July 15, 2009

Bill Moyers Journal: Wendell Potter former head of CINGA PR

If you would like to read the interview transcript, visit

BILL MOYERS: Well, on the basis of the past performance, and on the basis of your own experience in the industry, can we believe them when they say they will do these things voluntarily?

WENDELL POTTER: I don’t think you can. I think that they will implement things that make them more efficient. And that enhance shareholder value. And if what they do contributes to that, maybe so. But now, they do say, they are in favor of an individual mandate. They want us all to be insured.

BILL MOYERS: For the government to require every one of us to have some policy.

WENDELL POTTER: Exactly. And that sounds great. It is an important thing that everyone be enrolled in some kind of a benefit plan. They don’t want a public plan. They want all the uninsured to have to be enrolled in a private insurance plan. They want– they see those 50 million people as potentially 50 million new customers. So they’re in favor of that. They see this as a way to essentially lock them into the system, and ensure their profitability in the future. The strategy is as it was in 1993 and ’94, to conduct this charm offensive on the surface. But behind the scenes, to use front groups and third-party advocates and ideological allies. And those on Capitol Hill who are aligned with them, philosophically, to do the dirty work. To demean and scare people about a government-run plan, try to make people not even remember that Medicare, their Medicare program, is a government-run plan that has operated a lot more efficiently.

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May 1, 2009

Promoting Environmental Communications

If you want to take an awesome class that will brighten your environmental awareness and sharpen your writing and communications skills, check out this pageflake. You can even take a listen to my podcast!

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February 5, 2009

My Day on the Hill

Today I had the opportunity to run up to the hill and take part in the Young Democrats of Utah’s annual Caucus Lunch. I must admit that, even though I have worked on the hill and know many of the legislators on first name basis (though I did not do so because it violates my first rule), it still strikes me with awe to be standing at the place where decisions and policies are shaped that affect our state for years to come.

What was truly odd was that I was speaking to legislators, not as an intern or staff, but as a sort of freshman reporter. I sat down and talked to as many as I could find to ask them what bills were important to them, how they felt about some of the goings-on on the hill, what they think will happen with the budget, and other various questions that I never would have thought to bring up had I not been writing for this silly little blog.

And so, I have a few more tips and leads, was fascinated by the insights legislators gave to various bills, and I have even more of a sense of wonder about the whole process.

I will be reporting on what the various legislators had to say soon, but for right now I am just going to take it in…I think I know why I do this crazy thing called politics.

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January 30, 2009

You Representin’?

Kudos to Scotty Riding – he has put together the best interface I have ever seen for finding out who your state legislators are. It is clean, it is smooth, and man, I can only imagine how much work this took!

Click here to learn who your legislators are!

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Our annual Winter Mixer is February 6th

There’s really no doubt that the Bush years set us on a course of widened political divisions in the country. We can only hope that Obama can mend the country while convincing conservatives that progressive plans are better in the long term. One of the ways Obama can do that is to invite his adversaries over to his new digs and drink liberally with them. So far, it looks like he’s doing a pretty good job.

Since Drinking Liberally came up with the Official Unofficial Drink of the Obama Administration, we have to wonder if he’s serving up Obama’s Hope Float to his guests.

In the spirit of Obama’s spirits, we’re hosting a drinks party of our own. Next Friday, February 6th, we’ll be mixing inauguration-themed drinks at Jeremiah and Heather’s house. Bring what you need to make & share your inauguration-themed – and cleverly named – drink. We’ll be making it a contest (with prizes) and voting on our favorite. If you don’t want to participate in the competition, just bring something to keep yourself from getting thirsty. We’ll provide the ice, lemons, limes, etc. as well as some finger foods to munch on. 214 W. 600 N. We’ll be starting at 7, but stop by at any time. Map

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January 20, 2009

UPDATED: A temporary change of plans (NOT AT PIPER DOWN THIS FRIDAY Jan 23)

UPDATE: It will just be the back room that will be closed, so we WILL be meeting at the Piper Down, near the back stage. See you Friday night at 6:30!

The Piper Down where we usually meet is renovating (which means a new room just for us on Fridays after the renovation) and we just found out that we won’t be able to meet there this Friday, Jan. 23rd.

We’re looking for another place to meet, so check back before Friday to find out where it will be. Or, if you’re not already on our low-volume (generally once a week) e-mail list, you can sign up here:

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January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day Block Party

The Utah Democratic Party + the Young Dems will be hosting a big Inauguration night event at the Depot, and plenty of people we know will be attending that (more information here).

But if you’re looking for an alternative place to party, there’s a block party on Windsor Street that will also help support the Crossroads Urban Center. You can find details at the Facebook event page here:

Obama Inauguration Block Party

Obama Inauguration Block Party

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January 6, 2009

Helping Rabeh Morad

From DL’er Carla Hitz:

Hello all,

I write to you today on behalf of a person in need.  Please click on the link at the bottom of this page I have provided and read the SL Tribune story by Matthew D. LaPlante about Rabeh Morad. 

Rabeh is a 54 year old Iraqi immigrant who lives now in West Valley City, Utah.  He was a successful business man in southern Iraq when he made the fateful decision to work for the US Military as an interpreter.  He believed the Americans were going to help give the Iraqi people freedom, so when he was offered a position @ $242 per week, he didn’t hesitate.

In 2006 while on patrol with Lt. Emily Perez their Humvee hit a roadside bomb. Lt. Perez lost her life, Rabeh lost his legs.

Once he was exposed assisting the Americans he and his family were forced to flee their homeland in fear for their lives.

His story continues, and my hope is that you will take a moment to not only read the rest of his tale, but feel it as well.  So many have sacrificed so much, and Rabeh’s story provides us each with the opportunity to give back and help to make a tangible difference in the life of someone so very deserving.

A contribution account has been established @ Zions Bank in his name. Please help in any way, small or large that you can. Each and every donation makes a tremendous difference, and will be so appreciated by Rabeh and his family.  You may go to any Zion’s bank branch to make a donation, all you need to know is that the account is in this name: Rabeh Al Khafagi.

Please forward this message to those you know who would appreciate the opportunity to make a difference.

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January 5, 2009

Al Franken Wins.

Minnesota elections board says Franken won
By Michael O’Brien
Posted: 01/05/09 03:43 PM [ET]
The Minnesota Board of Canvassers certified Democrat Al Franken as winner of the state’s Senate race…
And, may I say, ABOUT TIME!
Republicans: Ashcroft lost to a corpse, Conryn’s lost to a comedian, one will lose to Michael Moore’s ficus.

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