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July 9, 2008

Take my rights, please

I never posted about the FISA bill – but now I wish I had.  I guess I just thought that our leaders would make the right decision (how naive).  But they didn’t.  Today the “compromise” FISA bill passed the Senate, putting a nail in the coffin of a little thing we like the call the 4th amendment.  

I don’t know what to say here; I’m just seething.  I can only defer to other, better bloggers on this issue.

Actually, I will say I’m very disappointed in the presidential candidate I’ve heretofore supported, Barack Obama.  Some reports say he voted in favor of the bill, but the website says he didn’t vote.  Whether he voted in favor or he didn’t vote at all is not so important.  This bill was important enough that the vote should not have been missed, and voted down.  There should be NO compromise – the fourth amendment is very clear and the fact that a former law professor would have supported such a breach in a document so integral to our nation’s democracy is beyond the pale.  

As our friends in Colorado point out, it’s not a time to wallow, it’s a time to exercise what we have left of the 1st Amendment.  

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  1. Moreno Says:

    If you would like to know the real vote record, I can help you with that.

    FISA votes:


    What this FISA bill actually does

    What this tells me is. Hatch, Bennett, and Matheson need to go too. The real way to deal with any of them is to eliminate them at the caucus level. Waiting to do this in the November elections is very misleading.

    I know this will seem odd, but I think people should really examine a couple of documentaries.

    “Orwell Rolls in His Grave” and

    “Century of Self” by Adam Curtis which aired on the BBC–that’s right the British Broadcasting Corporation.

    Watch these documentaries, and you too may be a little more skeptical about the news coverage in the US. Why do some candidates get a lot of air time, and some (like Dennis Kucinich) get so little?

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