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December 6, 2018

Drinking Liberally Meetup, Dec 7

Hello All!

Join us tomorrow, Friday December 7th for our regularly scheduled meetup in the back bar at Piper Down (1492 South, State Street) from 6:0-9:00 PM. There is a bachelorette party scheduled in the room at 9:00 so it might get crowded.

We can talk about Proposition 2 and how the Utah legislature thinks that Utahns exercising direct democracy is cute and all but that they know what is really best for us. Nevermind that the issue has been before the legislature for the last four years and they did not do anything until the people acted on their own behalf.

Or, if you have a 401K, we can talk about how wild swings in the stock market seem to be the new normal. Though it got buried by the four days of wall to wall, non-stop media coverage of H.W. Bush’s death, the Dow dropped 800 points in one session after Trump presumably raided Roseanne’s Ambien stash and proceeded to Tweet out a series of messages that undermined the previous day’s progress in trade talks with China. Add to that a record deficit, record national debt and a concerted GOP effort to gut Social Security and I doubt any of us will get to retire.

Or, if you are a bit more worldly minded, French protesters just forced the French government to capitulate after weeks of contentious collective action across France. It sucks that they are protesting fuel taxes aimed at curbing emissions and protecting the environment but I have to respect that the French people are the world’s leading experts in coordinated civil disobedience.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening! Join your host, Jason, to have a couple of drinks and talk about these topics and whatever else you want.

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