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April 19, 2019


Good Morning Drinking Liberals,

Saying good morning because i’ve been under the weather and was not able to get this email sent out on time last night. My apologies. So please join us tonight for Drinking Liberally at our regular time starting at 6pm in the back bar at Piper Down (1492 state st.)

As usual we have lots to **** about with **** releasing * redacted ******* of the Mueller ******. That is something that to me only proves that they are hiding something. Releasing a redacted version to the press is one thing but a redacted version to congress is another. Although congress has said that they will issue a subpoena for the full version and have asked Mueller to testify before congress in May. Lets see if anything comes of that.

So join me (Christian) tonight at Piper Down while we have a drink or two or four of our favorite beverages and eat some of the best bar food in the state while we unwind and discuss the current events of the week.

See you tonight,
Christian, Laura
Jeremiah, Jason
Pam, Dan

Drinking Liberally SLC meets from 6:00-9:00 every every Friday in the back room of the Piper Down (1492 S. State Street).

Drinking Liberally SLC,
Reading Liberally SLC

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