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September 6, 2008

Hello From Charlotte, NC

This is our second year attending the Drinking Liberally National Conference. Last year, we were welcomed by the Des Moines, Iowa chapter and this year we are in Charlotte, North Carolina. We met Marcus, one of the Charlotte hosts, at the Des Moines event last year and found out that at one point, he lived in good old Sandy, Utah. He hated it. Oh, what a small world it is.

Last night, we spent the evening at a welcome reception in the NoDa District, an up and coming “transitional” area, meeting new hosts and reconnecting with others. The weather has been great with minimal traces of Hurricane Hanna. I was quite surprised by all the new faces who were not at last year’s meeting and now feel like Salt Lake is quite the established chapter. One of the advantages to meeting here in Charlotte is the nice location to other neighboring chapters. South Carolina has 8 chapters! Why can’t Utah get more than one? John, from the Denver chapter, was here as was Amanda, our Des Moines host from last year. There were a few others returning from last year including, of course, all the national organizers, but overall, it was nice to see so many new faces.

So far all the Charlotte hosts have been fabulous! I have been impressed by the hospitality of them, as well as all the other Charlottens (is that what they are called?). I am going to wait until tomorrow to write about the “real” DL stuff that happened today – it probably isn’t safe to write while under the influence. Let me just tell you that this conference is just as exciting as I remember from last year. The politics across the country – including Utah – are changing and it is exciting to see how Drinking Liberally can have an impact. The social connections/networking has been amazing and someday – oh yes, someday – I KNOW Utah will no longer be the reddest state in the nation

We all are empowered to make a difference and be part of this change, and I know Drinking Liberally (or Living Liberally) will be part of that change.

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