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January 12, 2009

SCHIP or John Conyers HR 676

I was just watching the House debate SCHIP on C-Span.  Although it sounds good upfront,  Michael Moore has pointed out a significant flaws in the legislation that was vaguely mentioned in the House debate.

Namely health insurance companies support the legislation because what it does is tax smokers and then pay the money to health insurance companies.

What Michael Moore has been advocating is John Conyers H.R. 676

Here’s a speech Michael Moore made where he presents a wish list for Barack Obama. Part of that wish list is for President Obama to support H.R. 676

Oddly enough, the corporate media has avoided covering this bill when it comes to health care stories.  Even NPR has avoided the topic.

As someone who worked for Regence BlueCross BlueShield for three years processing and denying insurance claims, I believe there is a great deal of wisdom to what Michael Moore has to say.

One issue I’m worried people aren’t addressing is what’s going to happen if we keep raising the taxes on tobacco until the people who use it can’t afford it?  Will they quit as everyone is hoping (cutting off the supply of funding for SCHIP) or will this create an incentive to traffic tobacco into the U.S., which is what happened when the Feds cracked down on meth labs.

NPR: Plunge in Meth Labs Paves Way for Potent Import

NPR: Mexico’s Drug Wars Leave Rising Death Toll

If anyone would be interested in telling their representatives to look into H.R. 676 they can use to obtain a list of who their representatives are, and their contact information.  You simply enter your zip code.

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