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February 15, 2009

Full page hate

A group calling themselves “America Forever” pulled a full-page ad in the Sunday Salt Lake papers warning Utahns of the “homosexual movement”. In the Tribune it’s on page D12, and I’m sure that it’s in the Deseret News too. The ad is full of lies and fear tactics and it’s scary that there are people that believe this. My first instinct was to laugh because it seems like it should be bad satire, but this group seems legit.

In case you don’t get the paper and you need a laugh you can see the ad by clicking the photos below:

A full page of hate in the Salt Lake Tribune

A full page of hate in the Salt Lake Tribune


A full page of hate in the Salt Lake Tribune

A full page of hate in the Salt Lake Tribune

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3 Responses to “Full page hate”

  1. korvus Says:

    “It is the employer’s right to decide who he employs”

    Actually, I thought the whole point of anti-discrimination laws are to make it illegal to judge employees based on anything but their ability to do the job. If you don’t want gay employees showing affection in your workplace, you need to make it clear that nobody — gay or straight — can do so.

    Like you, I find it hard to take this seriously (especially after looking at their website), but even if 1% of those reading the paper take it seriously and it changes their point of view, that can have an awful effect on the state…

  2. Chino Blanco Says:

    Is it merely coincidence that America Forever and Gayle Ruzicka and the Utah Eagle Forum have used the same attorney, Matthew Hilton, in the past?

    Or that America Forever and the Eagle Forum have been together so often speaking on the same side of issues at Utah senate and house committee hearings?

    My suspicion is that America Forever is a front for Gayle and her crew. By getting America Forever out front pushing the undiluted anti-gay hate speech, it makes Gayle look tame by comparison. I worry that this is all just a PR ploy.

  3. KevinVT Says:

    We just had similar full page ads, against marriage, in at least 2 major Vermont papers on Easter (12 April).
    (They had previously sent faxes with similar text)

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